If you’re the praying kind, please join me in praying…

In an hour, the time of Sabbath is approaching. This week, I’m awaiting it with a heavy heart. As of now, 5 of my people, Jewish mothers and children are being held hostage in Paris in a Jewish grocery store. My hope is that this will all be over by the time I go offline so I won’t have to spend the next 24 hours with my heart in my throat, wondering how all this will end. When such things happen in our community, there isn’t one Jew who isn’t affected by it. I don’t know them but they’re my people. I’m as heartbroken as if it would have been my family. That’s the beautiful part of our connection.

Jews all over the world are praying as one that they will all be released safely and return to their families. Those of you that pray, please pray that this won’t end in bloodshed.

Humanity as we know it, is going down the drain. The world has become insane. I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the future, I’m afraid for my children and the way the world will be when they grow up.

Please hug your children for me and be kind to one another ❤

(I’m not editing this because I just needed to get this off my chest so sorry for the rambling)


16 thoughts on “If you’re the praying kind, please join me in praying…”

  1. I just turned on the news after reading this. I have lots of things to say, but I’m not sure how to express them in the way I want. The world has always been harsh, but something seems to have changed making it even worse. You said it perfectly by saying “the world has become insane”. Although I am not Jewish, my family will always stand with the Jewish people -no matter what, because God commanded me to do this. My heart is heavy with yours, and I will join you in prayer.

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  2. Such a tragedy, one of a long string of them. It seems there is some crisis each day now. I think people of all faith pray in these situations. I understand your particular connection to this ungodly mess but know we all feel it and even those of us who have long since left our “religion”, mine being the Roman Catholic Church, pray in our own way, a more spiritual way for the safety of anyone, anywhere under terrorist attack. No matter what our beliefs, we are all humans, all connected. I am devastated typing this now knowing the outcome of the stand off yesterday. So many lives lost. Know we are with you and everyone affected by this senseless attack. I pray with and for you, sweet Sunflower….<3

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