After my heavy post, I think we should go a bit lighter today. I am doing the #Blogger101 course but I am very behind on the assignments. It doesn’t matter, I’m doing it on my own pace, whenever I feel up to it. Last assignment was to check out other blogs and comment on them. The next assignment I got was to go back to one of my comments and make a post out of it.

One of my comments I made was on the post of She wrote about loving black fashion. And I totally agree. Black is timeless and elegant. And it’s supposed to make you look slimmer. That’s what they say anyway.

I was always wondering why, when you attend an orthodox wedding, most women are wearing black. As far as I know, there is no law telling us to wear black. I guess some like to err on the side of caution and wear muted colors as not to stand out. We do have modestly laws and one of them is you should not stand out with (very) bold colors. That’s one of the reasons I would not wear red. But I would guess it’s mostly a “follow the crowd” thing. As most will wear black, you would not want to be the one standing out with your pink dress. And also, we do not wear black by funerals so black doesn’t have a negative connection. We mostly think of black as elegant and classy and timeless.

But I do love colors. For me, the main reason I wear a black skirt everyday with different tops is because I feel like that as an overweight person, I will not look good in colors. I keep my white skirts for the day I will be skinny (which will probably be never!)

I do feel the most comfortable in black. I try to have colored tops though to not be too dark. I really think you cannot ever go wrong with wearing black.

So, are you a color or black kind of girl?