I just read a post of someone asking why people follow blogs if they never comment or like anything on that blog. So I gave it some thought and this is what I think.
I started this blog not so long ago on the urging of some friends. Of course, when you start a blog, you would like someone to read it, right? Although some say they write for themselves, I still believe everyone wants their voice to be heard. So my friends were kind enough to start following my blog because that’s what friends do. I went and followed their blogs too. Then, I started the free WordPress course and through there I started following some blogs and people started to follow mine. I always felt that if they were nice enough to follow me I should follow them back. But here is the problem. Some of those blogs are about things that do not interest me, like crafts and recipes. Me and the kitchen and creativity are sworn enemies. But I feel ungrateful to unfollow them so if I continue to follow them I will probably not really go and read their posts. I probably have such followers too. But actually, however nice it is to see that you have 500 followers or more, what’s the use of such a big number if most of them aren’t actually interested in what you have to write? I actually prefer people who follow my blog if they really want to read what I have to say, and not just because of a “follow me” thread on Facebook or just to get a follow back. I think it’s better to have a small but loyal following so that they will comment on your stuff and interact. It’s the same on Facebook. You can ask people to like your pages and they probably will and then promptly forget they ever liked it. But what’s the use then? It’s nice to see 1000 “likes” on your page but if not a single person is actually reading or interacting, you don’t really have 1000 people interested in your content, do you? I do believe in supporting my friends and have liked their FB pages even though some of them weren’t my cup of tea but that’s what friends are for.

I understand the need for following as many blogs as possible in the beginning as that will help with your connections and help your blog grow and I probably did that too but now, I think I’ll stick to following the blogs I really want to read and hopefully build a relationship with the writers and hope that the ones sticking with me are interested in reading what I have to write.

I am interested in hearing your take on the subject!