Weather musings

I have no idea what to write, but I think if I don’t write something today, I won’t again. I’m the type to get very very excited about any new adventure and then, quite quickly the excitement fades and it just loses it’s appeal. I don’t want it to happen with blogging. So I’m looking outside the window at the weather. Today was one of those days typical of my country. The day where, everytime you look out of the window you see something different. Sun, then it’s snowing heavily and then rain is pouring down. Usually, my mood is very dependent on the weather. When I wake up and the sky is grey (which is usually most days of the year sadly) my mood is quite bleak. The world just seems more somber. Problems seem insurmountable and life just doesn’t seem very bright. Then, on the days I wake up to a beautiful blue sky with sunshine streaming through the windows, my spirits just lift. I have energy and suddenly want to spring clean my house. I feel like singing and smile throughout the day. On days like today, it’s a bit hard to make my mind up as to how my mood has to be πŸ˜‰ But I think, as long as there is at least a little bit of sunshine, I will try to be positive! I wonder if there are more people like me who are so affected by the weather. Do you also feel your mood reflects the weather? I wonder of the people in Florida are always happy?


11 thoughts on “Weather musings”

  1. I live in Bangkok where it is mostly always hot and sunny (with massive tropical storms) and, after a while of living here, I started to miss the cold and the drizzle.

    There is always something to be said for weather – even if it is a bit crap πŸ™‚

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