Share your blogs below!

Let’s help each other! Post your blog links below with a short description of what your blog is about. Then check out some of the others. You might find some great ones!
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120 thoughts on “Share your blogs below!”

    Thanks! I’m Amy – I am an artist, performer, musician, foodie, creator, and life-lover on a beautiful detour after at age 18, a sudden blood clot caused me to fall into a coma for months. Piecing together my life after my initial dreams of performing musical theatre took a turn into broader horizons. I believe it is my mission to spread messages of hope and strength while doing what I love to do, which is CREATE.

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  2. What an awesome idea! πŸ˜€

    I’m Farrah, a medical student who loves all things related to food, fitness & healthy living. I blog at Fairyburger about balancing my life in med school with budget-friendly, healthified recipes, weekly topics on different health issues/conditions, staying healthy, and a billion other hobbies in between.

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  3. Great idea! My blog is about family food and fashion with a dose of inspiration. You can find me at https://
    Grab a cup Of coffee and come by.looking forward to hearing from you!

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  4. Thank you for doing this; it is very kind. My blog, β€œThe Gad About Town,” is about many topics, from social habits to baseball to art and movies. Mostly social bad habits. And art. I was diagnosed with a form of spinocerebellar ataxia in 2012, which was revised to spinal muscular atrophy in 2014, and I publish updates and discoveries about this also.

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  5. Greetings!
    Thank you for providing this awesome venue!
    I’ve barely started my blog
    Currently I’m participating in WordPress’ Blogging U blogging 101 and’s March posting challenge. The focus of the blog will ultimately be a reflection of current events in my voice leaning towards self empowerment and positivity. I may add a section on short fiction later. My goal is to become a published author concurrently as I receive my grad school degree. Or before. I’ll take whatever I can get, I’m not picky πŸ˜‰

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