The anti religious

I have just skimmed through a couple of published posts on Orthodox Jews from around the web and without fail, you will find those who used to be ultra orthodox and had left the fold leaving all kind of very negative comments about us. This makes me so sad and a bit angry too. It was actually a very positive article and they always come out of the woodwork to spoil the bit of good press we get. I understand they have left for a reason and I can understand that they are bitter but what purpose does it have to vilify their own people. Every religion has it’s flaws and Orthodox Judaism is no exception. But who is to say the secular lifestyle they lead now is any better? It’s not perfect either.

My point of this post is that I’m truly hesitant to share my writings outside of this blog. I am scared of their biting anti comments. Why should I work so hard at trying to make people see that our religion isn’t all bad if those few will spoil it anyway? Here I know that whoever follows me is interested in my writings but if it will get published elsewhere, I will have no control over the comments. One of my posts was published on a website and I must say the comments were overwhelmingly positive. Interesting that I get more positive feedback from non Jews than of my own people. I firstly want to sincerely thank those who follow this blog and for being truly nice and positive.

As I always say and try to do: “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all” ❤


16 thoughts on “The anti religious”

  1. I’ve read a lot of things against Orthodox Judaism as well. Have you read the book UnOrthodox? I can’t remember who wrote it but it was written by a woman who left the community. I find Orthodox Judaism interesting personally (I’m Christian).

    I do think though that people should separate the Orthodox Jewish faith from the Orthodox Jewish community. It seems like a lot of people who write negative things about Orthodox Judaism do so because they’ve had bad experiences with members of the community. They should recognize that bad eggs shouldn’t reflect on the faith itself. The community is just a group of people trying to follow the faith – and the community will always have flaws and foibles. Those flaws and foibles will change from generation to generation but they’ll always be there. They shouldn’t discard the faith because of a bad rabbi or bad parents.

    Christians have this problem all the time. People bash the Christian faith based not on the New Testament or Jesus but because of Christians (lay people and preachers) who they dislike or have had bad experiences with.

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  2. I always find it so disconcerting when once frum Jews trash our culture and practices. As if we don’t have enough problems! If keeping the actual rituals proves too difficult to maintain at the very least hold on to the respect for others that you once wanted for yourself.

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  3. I am not Jewish but I do love hearing about you and what things you believe in and do for traditions. I do love God and have been in the church my entire life. I have seen in every religion people bash each other not only after they chose to leave but even if they chose to stay! I admire that you share your feelings anyway! You never know, your one blog may reach that one person who needed to hear what you had to say. And anyone with a good head on their shoulders knows that there will always be someone out there who will bash something about everything. Thanks again for being so honest about how you feel and continuing to write great things. 🙂

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  4. I get it about the comments! I bet most would be positive, but it’s true you can’t control that piece of the puzzle. There is nothing wrong with using your space here and leaving it at that if that’s what you decide to do.

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  5. It is hard to live in total obedience. People don’t understand it and sometimes can’t cut it. Of course they attack. A good network and a loving rav would prevent that – and therein lies the problem. They wanted to belong and we let them down. That’s how I see it. If someone had sat with them and talked with them, they would not have abandoned the Torah. It makes me sad and a little angry, too.

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  6. I was raised Reform but my family has nothing but respect for the Orthodox Community. I’m sorry to hear that you fear bad feedback from other Jews. I’m glad that you continue to share your experiences, I think you’re promoting an open and positive view of Orthodox life.

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    1. Thanks! Truth is the anti religious are more those that were orthodox but left the fold sadly. I get more love from reform and conservative than from the former orthodox sadly 😦
      My aim is positivity! We have enough anti blogs!


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