Writer’s block

I think I have the worst case of writer’s block ever known 😦

Although I have more than enough topics to write on, I don’t feel they have a coherent message. I don’t even know how to explain it. It’ like whatever I want to write has no point. Anyone know what I mean? I can write about infertility but I don’t know on which points to focus on. And on my Orthodox life, should I just explain how some holidays work? That probably will be boring to you. Maybe I should just wait till after Passover when we’re not so busy so I can re-focus totally on the blog.

Anyway, I don’t know what the point of this post was other than to explain why it’s so quiet over here?

Have a good rest of weekend everyone.


13 thoughts on “Writer’s block”

  1. I recently wrote a similar post because I have been struggling with writers block. The advice I got was to just write something and worry too much it will come back. I’m still struggling with writing consistently but let’s both keep at it we will be fine. 😊

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  2. Sometimes, I have so many things to write about all rattling around in my head at once that it’s hard to focus on just one. It’s like wanting ice cream and all of a sudden, there are 20 flavors right there in front of you. You know you like them all, some more than others, but it is just a sea of ice cream. They all look yummy in their own way but you just can’t decide which one would taste best so you shut your eyes and walk up and down the row and then just stop and point. That’s the one and when you pick it up and really get a good look at it, take a spoonful and savor that flavor for just a moment, you wonder how you didn’t see it above all the others to begin with! Just relax and choose and the rest will just melt in your mouth and you will think of a million wonderful things to say about that one, yummy flavor ❀

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  3. I can empathize. There are days when nothing comes, or, something strikes you, but you cannot put it in words. The lesson concerning the prompts helped me out. If I could suggest, how does being an Orthodox Jew color how you see your community? What are the joys, what are the struggles on a particular day? I am finding, that I am like reading more about how people struggle with their spiritual lives, rather than reading on the spirituality. Anyway, that is my two cents worth! Best of luck, and God bless.

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  4. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Someone suggested doing research. And some of the TED talks are inspiring. Something will come to us. It has to.

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