We won two tickets to Malaga, Spain! That in itself is a miracle since I never win anything!! My husbands 40th birthday is coming up this week Tuesday so I’m treating him (ach, Who are we kidding, I’m treating myself ;)) to a 2 day vacation in Marbella! Timing is perfect as the weather is and will be horrible here this week and beautiful over there! I need this break desperately to recharge after the holidays and to pump myself up for a new round of IF treatments. Two days of sun, relaxation and couple’s times is exactly what we both need.

We will spend one day in Marbella, swimming in our “private” swimming pool, sightseeing in Marbella and go to the beach of course. The next day we plan to visit Gibraltar which is about an hour away by car. We have rented a car for dirt cheap (20€ for 3 days) so we will be able to get around for a bit. Gibraltar is supposed to be a really nice place with many things to do and visit. They have an authentic Jewish community as well there which we will go visit. Since the banishment of the Jews in Spain there has been very little signs of Jewish life. I am bringing my own (Kosher) food since there no restaurants there. For 2 days, this will be manageable. Really looking forward and will show some pictures when I get back!


16 thoughts on “Spain! ”

  1. that is so cool! Malaga is beautiful!!! what great views there. and Gibraltar is great too. be careful of the monkeys. they like to rifle thru and steal bags so they can look for food. one grab and off they go. the view from up top of the Rock is amazing.

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      1. leave as much in the trunk (the boot) of your car. a little day bag is fine. the monkeys are very interesting and can be very entertaining.

        Malaga! OMG! I can close my eyes and see it again. get some candied peanuts from one of the street vendors. the sea food is great.

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