Share your blogs below!!

My last sharing post was a big success, I found many great blogs and many of you got great traffic from it! So it’s time for another one! Please post your blog address below so we can visit you and check out the others too, you might find some great ones and make some new friends too!

Please reblog this so your followers can come and add theirs too! Looking forward to seeing you!



111 thoughts on “Share your blogs below!!”

  1. I have 2 blogs … The first one is a writer’s guide to just getting on with it, all about the routines and rituals of a wide range of authors. It is aimed to inspire and discipline. (No … not that sort of discipline!)
    The second is a site about the 1950s, 1951 in particular. It is a strange and often quirky site. Visit at your peril.
    Now I’m off to meet some blog pals and hopefully make a few new ones.

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  2. Hi. I haven’t seen your blog before. Thank you for the invitation to your blog party. My name is Patty and I have a blog: where I write about children with chronic illnesses and their families. I look for ways to change the process so they can have the best care possible. I also have a blog: Here I write my personal thoughts, challenges (writing and photos) and just have fun. I would love for you to stop by to take a look.

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  3. I have a few blogs, but only one is really for me, the rest are for you…

    The Write Moms is my magazine style blog designed to feature other writers. I’m new and defining the blog as I write it, but so far, I’ve been writing a feature like post and linking to other blogs within it (to avoid duplicate content). But if you’re interested in writing a feature style post, let me know. It’s a non-profit endeavor, but it needs a community to make it work. If I can get a good subscriber list, I’d love to sell the ads to print a monthly newspaper mailed to subscribers of blogger content.

    Doodlegraphs is where I post my photos, graphics, photoshop textures/patterns/brushes, fonts… all of which I put into public domain. I don’t update it as much as I’d like, but all the crap on it is free.

    Blogging As I Learn it is about tech, business, and writing of blogging as I’m learning it dummified to my level.

    Crumpets and Bollocks is my personal blog where I talk about the madhattery in my head and in my life. I’m unconventional, officially crazy, but I try to follow negativity with positivity, and I embrace diversity despite the fact that I”m kind of a b-word.

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  4. Thanks again, Rebecca, for hosting the party. I’ve had quite a few new viewers and I hope some of them are just crazy enough to get my sense of humor when I’m not a serious writer and stick around! I’ve been checking out all the different blogs mentioned in your comments and finding all sorts of treats.

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  5. Hello Rebecca, saw this from blogger Maria Holmes. Already seeing some new blogs which I can check out! Thought I’d drop by and say hi to everyone..and to shamelessly plug in my link: covering parenting, food/recipes, travels and life as a working-expat mom.

    Thanks for hosting. 🙂

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  6. Hi Rebecca

    My blog is about my journey as a new writer and the obstacles that I face and hopefully overcome. I also blog reviews about books I have just read or listened to.

    I had taken a short break from blogging recently due to a new addition to the family but I will hopefully be back at it now.

    My blog is called The Unnamed Blog of the Fantasy Genre and you can find it at



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  7. Hey everybody! 🙂 I have just started a blog and I would love some opinions. I don’t really have a theme, I just write about everything I find interesting. Feel free to look around: 🙂
    Thanks, hugs to all of you (I just love how supportive theese internet communities can be, don’t you? ) 🙂

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  8. The name of my blog is “Oh My {Mommy} Docs!”, which I consider the source for the latest “Must-See” Parenting & Socially Conscious documentaries reviewed by film critic and mommy blogger Amanda Sovago-Royal (myself lol). Thanks for the awesome invite to share Orthodox Sunflower!

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