Dear fellow bloggers

I started writing my blog at the insistence of a FB friend. He claimed I had a unique story to tell as an Orthodox chasidic Jewish woman. And he was right, it is an interesting topic. But it cannot fill a blog. So I was writing about other things too. Then one of my posts was published on a website. It was so cool, I couldn’t believe that I, a new writer got published. After that, I started researching sites that I could submit to and it became a bit of an obsession. Instead of just writing a blog post that was good enough for a blog, I focused on each piece as if I would submit it for publication so it became hard work, it had to be perfect and I had to beg multiple people to help me edit and of course not many people volunteered since it’s time consuming and everyone is busy trying to get their own work edited and published (though some always came through and for that, I’m eternally grateful). I found it very hard to edit a piece, editing is known to be a writer’s toughest challenge so why did I think that I, a newbie would be good at it? I started getting discouraged and I even contemplated stopping to write altogether. I know my technical writing is good but I see I have a lot to learn before I can submit my writing to sites.

You might have seen I take my time between posts and that’s because I needed it to be perfect. I realize now that the desire to get published actually hindered my writing. It stopped me from writing posts that were not perfect but would have been good practice. But from now on, that will change. A wise woman and awesome writer told me that the only thing that improves writing is to practice! So I will write using some of the WP prompts and hopefully improve my writing that way. Publishing will be put aside for now. It will be a goal for the future. I will now use this blog for writing for ME and not worry so much that it won’t be good enough. And I hope you will stay to support me and to cheer me on 🙂

How about you? What is your blogging goal? Do you want to get published? Do you want to make a living blogging? Or do you write just for you? I would love to hear about your goals!


25 thoughts on “Dear fellow bloggers”

  1. I think i speak for everyone when i say we will all be here for you and read your posts theyve always been interesting. But your right they dont all have to be masterpieces. Lifes not perfect so why would your views on it need to be.
    I blog for me just to share my views my life my stories. It is so humbling to know that someone out there in the world actually reads it whether it gets 500 likes or 1 like it has touched someone. I dont strive for perfection my spelling isnt the best and my punctuation is dreadfull but thats not the point. The point is it means something to someone. You just keep up the good work😊

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  2. I have been having a difficult time writing lately…and a difficult time finding the energy and time to read through everyone’s writing. I have a great appreciation for all of your work and love your blogs and posts it is just such a busy time. Maybe once summer hits we will all have more time to enjoy writing and enjoy each others writing.

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  3. I write because it is a deep deed for me to express myself on many subjects while concentrating on it. When I speak with people I often find that It is very difficult to keep to the subjects and I never know in what direction it goes. Of course I can’t do without talking to real people, but at least it fulfills something in me to be able to be honest about the many things I like to write about and I enjoy to hear form people otherwise it never needed to go on line.
    I feel in fact very connected with fellow bloggers around the world.

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  4. hi – just a little thought – you sound like you have ‘transgressed’ and are seeking to atone – there is no need. Many bloggers’ heads are turned by the attention they get – smile.

    You have a theme/subject that many people are afraid to talk about these days, and I have said before that you are brave to talk about the life of a hassidic family, which makes what you write all the more interesting.

    I have a subject too – my blog is about crafts – and is aiming to educate people and inspire them too – but then, I am also selling craft supplies – so there is a reason for me to choose various subjects to talk about – smile!

    Thanks for your sharing blog recently – I found a couple of really nice people there, who I have started to follow!

    All the best with your writing – but don’t work too hard on it – just do what comes naturally!

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  5. I can only tell you, I write for me, first. After finding that what I have to say, may actually help others, I write to be helpful. The idea of being a widely published writer is glorious, and common. It won’t happen for everyone. But that certainly doesn’t mean we should ever give up. I hardly ever submit what I have to say to ANY site. I couldn’t care less if anyone else approves if my writing. I type it out as it comes from my head. That’s enough for me. I hope you reach a point of self confidence, where your own approval is enough💗

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  6. I write for a couple reasons: partly to get my writing out there in the world… I’ve written an indie book, so it’d be nice if more people knew about it… yet I don’t write to make money anyway. I just want to tell my story and hope someone cares about it enough to continue reading about it. I write for me – I have all sorts of things running through my head I just want to get it out on paper. I write for my kids, so that when they are grown and I am gone, they will know me.

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