Dear Fellow Bloggers,

I am guilty of this myself sometimes but in my defense,I read the part that’s visible in the reader but sometimes I just don’t have the time but I want to support you with a like. But she has a good point!


2 thoughts on “Dear Fellow Bloggers,”

  1. Hi there. This is a great post to reblog. Controversial. The original blog was clever because it generated so many likes and comments. Job done. We only have their word for it that they only give genuine likes. Personally … I’m not so sure. I always attempt to read what most folk have to say. OK … not EVERY word … but I try. Some folk post way way too many posts as well which is not fair on serious followers with some sense of fair play. I counted one blogger who posted 40 times yesterday alone!! (I followed them because of an interesting post I really enjoyed … but hey.)
    The whole numbers thing is a complete mystery to me as well. I left this comment here because I know you’ll see it, value it and appreciate it.
    No point on placing a comment on the original post.
    All the very best.

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    1. Thanks Chris! I appreciate your support! I skip some posts if they’re too long, I don’t have the attention span for it. But I do try to support those who come on her and comment and like my every post. So if I see a post is too long, I skim through and but always pres like to show I have been to visit. And those who posts multiple times a day, I can’t…..I just can’t…

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