It’s that time again! Please post your blog addresses below and get new followers, please add a short description as to what your blog is all about and find some great ones to follow!

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282 thoughts on “BLOG PARTY!”

  1. Hello! I have 2 blogs.

    One has been up and running for a few months; it is all about life lessons and impacts individuals have left.

    I just started the other last week. It is about the struggles of teaching in a third-world country.

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  2. My blog is My name is Eileen and I create healthy recipes and I also write about having my famiy and 4 children who all but one are in college or out of college and 1 in middle school. everyone lives with us and its fun and comical at times.
    Thank you for hosting – I have never done this before – new to all of this!

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  3. What a fun party! I’m Emily and I’m a Mom of three girls. I was a teacher and then stayed at home for awhile. Now they are all at school so I’m blogging away! I blog about parenting, crafts, recipes, and anything that is easy and simple to do! Find me at Mom on the Move at:

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  4. Hello! My name is Samantha and I co-author the blog “DIY Just Cuz” with my two amazing cousins, Brittany and Sarah. We blog about DIY, Crafts, Home DΓ©cor and more. Although we all live in separate parts of the world (literally), we connect together via this blog and our love for creative ventures. Sharing stories is our forte and we never show a project without a helpful how-to, step by step guide. Thanks for hosting this, it’s so great to see so many bloggers in one place!

    The Blog:

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  5. Lately I have been doing just the posts from Writin101, so there is a lot of themes I did, but officially I am an lifestyle blogger with elements of beauty, fashion, photography and personal life.
    If that doesn’t sound messy or if you are into messy, check my blog at this link:

    Also this month I made an official instagram just for this blog and it’s @smalltownblogger_m , comment here if you followed me and I’ll follow you back!

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  6. Wow, a bit late to the party …already 261 comments, so mine migt get a bit lost in the shuffle. I write about memories mostly. Relationships, depression… just stories that make up my life and that relate to my memoirs. Check me out πŸ™‚
    I also always add at least one other link for another fave blog whenever I do these things… so check out Scorpion Stings if you are so inclined… similar content (as in stories about his life) as mine… so if you like my style you’d like his too, I’d bet πŸ™‚

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