Day 12 #NaBloPoMo

I need to write my daily post but I cannot concentrate. It was an emotional draining last few hours. I have a friend dealing with a child who has emotional issues. I tried helping her find a place to evaluate him. It’s really scary when your child is suffering so much and you don’t know what is eating at him. As hopefully all parents are aware, a child cannot always articulate what’s wrong and it manifests itself in destructive behaviors. I hope we will find him the help he needs and he will grow up a stable and emotionally healthy young man.

Wishing you all a great evening.



6 thoughts on “Day 12 #NaBloPoMo”

  1. I am glad you could help. It is so easy to judge the child from the bad behavior, but as you say the child can’t express what the problem is about. Sometimes I have helped a child by telling a story that could be similar to his own story. Just to tell him that I it could be this and this. Something that he can relate to and say “No its not that, but ….”

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      1. I wish I had done this when my own children got hysterical fits, but I learnt it late in my carrier as a Health visitor. Some children have difficulties in creating the story of them selves of different reasons. Some are shy some are under stimulated. Then it helps to create a story that is similar to their life situation and if the adult can manage to keep calm that will help too


  2. I have been in that situation with my son. It took 7 years to get him a proper diagnosis. It is frustrating to see your child struggling and to know that the doctors aren’t listening. I hope this little one and their parents find the answers and help they need.

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