I don’t think I can post about random things after hearing about the attacks in Paris. We heard snippets and conflicting reports on Sabbath but since we cannot check the news it’s only tonight that I read and heard about the magnitude of it all.

I went on Facebook. I had friends unfriending their friends because of the things they posted against refugees, against Muslims and people spouting their opinions left and right. I do not participate. I have so much to say but what good will it do? No one listens anyway. Everyone’s opinion depends on where they come from. I’m horrified by the attacks and the losses of life. Any loss of life is tragic (besides the terrorists of course).

As you know, I’m an Orthodox Jew. That means that any Jewish life lost is like a knife in my heart. When multiple stabbing and ramming attacks occur in Israel and not a peep from the media, only stuff like “it’s your own faults”, it saddens me. I’m a soft hearted person. It hurts me to hear of people being killed. I do not wish this on anyone, Jewish or not. But when people pick and choose which lives matter more, it’s unfair. Yes, I understand Paris is closer to home, its the heart of Europe. It’s not somewhere where you can comfortably say “oh, it’s ‘there’ – the war zone.” It’s getting uncomfortably close. When everyone is being real honest,  you’ll see that most people do not care about people’s lives unless it’s getting too close for comfort. I guess it’s human to be that way.

The world is becoming scary. We do not know what will be. We feel helpless. I don’t think there is much we can do besides being kind to our nearest and dearest and even strangers. You see someone who is different than you, be kind. Try not to judge. These are little things which will give hope to humanity. Feel for every life lost. Jewish, Muslim or white. Raise your children to be compassionate, not to hate anyone. This will not eradicate terrorism but it’s the only thing that’s in our hands.

From my part, I can do nothing but pray and put my faith in G-d, He should deal with the bad guys. I need to be the best that I can be and spread kindness wherever I go. I urge you to do the same.