What do you like to do to celebrate an accomplishment

Today is day 30 of NaBloPoMo. I didn’t manage to post every day and was quite slacking in the last week or so. I thought it fitting to end with a prompt from blogHer. How do I celebrate an accomplishment? I think it would depend on the type of accomplishment. I have struggled with my weight since forever. Any time I lost some weight in the past, I had to find something other than food to treat myself. It wasn’t easy since food had been the thing to always make me feel better. It comforted me in time of need and was always here when I needed it. Since that was not allowed I had to think of something else.

I always had a love for books. To get a new book was my greatest treat. Since books are expensive it was not a treat I could afford often. Basically, besides food, I did not usually treat myself. Accomplishments? Don’t have many. I am notorious for starting things and never finishing them.

When I had my first article published, I didn’t treat myself either. I did call my friends and tell them about it and their approval and excitement was a treat in itself.

Maybe I need to learn to celebrate more. Maybe I need to focus on things I accomplished instead of looking at and focusing on my failures. Things that are difficult and I do them anyway is an accomplishment. Cooked a whole supper is an accomplishment for me. Didn’t look at any gadgets while serving supper? That’s another accomplishment. We think of accomplishments as something big. We obtained a degree, we passed a driving test, we wrote a book? That’s certainly a major accomplishment but we can focus on the small ones too. The ones that won’t change the world but help us grow, even a little bit.

These are worth a celebration, in a way even more than the ‘big’ accomplishments. I need to remember that. And celebrate accordingly.

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8 thoughts on “What do you like to do to celebrate an accomplishment”

  1. Love it. I absolutely agree, and I have the same problem. I always look back at the day feeling like I’ve accomplished nothing, because I forget about all the little things I’ve done. It’s so important to take stock.

    I’m also glad to know I wasn’t the only one to fall down this NaBloPoMo. 🙂

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  2. This is Taylor from the HFA page, I have been away because my depression had gotten really bad and I had to quit school for the rest of the year. I’ll be back in January, I am doing much better now. I struggle with my weight too. It all started when my doctor switched depression medications. The new one (abilify) made me gain 50 pounds in one year. I convinced my doctor to give me new medicine that would not cause weight gain a few months ago. I am slowly losing the weight. I can’t exercise because I have severe asthma, so losing weight is even harder. I have kept myself busy and got 2 jobs while I’m home, so I don’t think of eating as much. I also do alot of community service. I try to balance myself and set a limit on how much TV I watch and only drink on weekends so I don’t become dependant on alcohol as alcoholism runs in the family. I visit my friends or read a book on my kindle as a reward. If you get a kindle, you get alot of books for free.

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