Happy Purim?

As I’m trying to be anonymous, not a lot of people know where I’m really from. I’m from Belgium, the country that was attacked yesterday with such viciousness. We live 30 min away by car from the airport. It’s the place I go to with my son to just sit and watch the planes as this is his obsession. We leave from there to travel outside Belgium. This attack has hit very close to home. Our hearts are breaking and we will never be the same again. Many Jewish people were there at the time of the attack and every one of them had a miraculous tale to tell as to why they were not at the site at the time. One had a delay of 10 min. One arrived from NY 15 min earlier than expected. Although we are thankful that G-d has been watching over us, we are heartbroken at the news of the casualties. These are our fellow countrymen and women.
happy purim
Tomorrow is supposed to be the happiest day of the year, our Jewish carnaval called Purim. We are commanded to be happy that day. Our children get dressed up and boys go collecting for their schools on colorful buses with loud music blasting. That’s the way it would have been, before yesterday. Now, how can we show such happiness when our country is in mourning?
Thank you terrorist! Our Holiday will be subdued and toned down. Since the country is officially mourning, no signs of festivities are allowed on the streets, no music. We will respect the wishes of the police. Masks on bigger children and adults aren’t allowed as everyone has to be easily identifiable. No toy guns, firecrackers or fake bombs allowed either. This is what the terrorists wanted, to disrupt our routines and traditions. But we will go on. We will feel the joy of the day in our hearts and minds and celebrate in private as to not disturb the national mourning.
Happy Purim!

12 thoughts on “Happy Purim?”

  1. I spent 20 years in the US military and I am by no means a terrorism expert. However, I do know that their goal is to make you afraid and to make you bend to their will or to get you to stop doing something that you would normally do but you are now too afraid to do it.. Yes it was very tragic but I wouldn’t give in. Be mindful and cautious tho.

    Have a happy fest to you and to your family.

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