Besides posting on this blog I also submit to various sites. Since this blog is a hobby, this is the way I make some “pocket money” from writing. I had a few sites on my bucket list and I’m proud to say I have been published on most them. Some of them are not paid but it’s great to have on your resumĂ©. My bucket list goals met are and! It’s the Canada edition but I love it as they already accepted 4 articles and published all of them on their FB pages which gives them more exposure! And a few more places like, (my favorite non paid place!), sammiches and psych meds, (a very opiniated community!!) and one article was syndicated to Yahoo! Style! (That was amazing!)

Just wanted to encourage my fellow bloggers to just submit! A year and a few months ago I was just a woman who has never written a word before. I started this blog thinking why anyone would ever read what I write and I published my first ever piece which was very personal. I can see how much better I have gotten since then. I had joined a writers FB group and someone encouraged me to submit. I thought she was crazy! It was after I had written my engagement story and it was only my second post ever. But I posted it in a syndication group and lo and behold, the editor wanted to publish it! It felt like a dream…

Suddenly, things didn’t seem so impossible anymore. I started thinking that I might as well try to go big, to reach for the stars. I started submitting to paying sites and I was actually accepted! Things started taking off. I have had some articles republished a few times on different sites. My next major bucket list publication is to be in a chicken soup for the soul book!! I know I can do it and I can’t wait to let you know when it happens!

If I can do it, so can you! (I’m not a native English speaker!) So what are you waiting for?