I want to write so badly. I would love to fill this blog every day. I think I’m a perfectionist. I never realized it until now but now that I am trying to figure out why I’m not writing, I think this is the reason. I have some topics I want to write on but since it has no shape in my head I’m just not starting it. It needs to have a point before I can start to write it. People always say to just write, it will start to take shape while writing. But I’m always second guessing myself, I’m being very insecure and sure that nothing I write is good. The ones that were published were just luck (that’s what I tell myself).. I don’t know why I am being so negative. I have always had this feeling of not being good enough and in my writing it’s no different. I’m jealous of those churning out one article after another and I wish I could be the same. Not being a native English speaker doesn’t help matters. I would love a writing buddy to help me out sometimes. If you have been published I would love if you reach out to me. I’ll try to return the favor!