Why I don’t like social media right now

This has been a tough few weeks for the world. One horrific story after another. The gorilla controversy, the shooting of 50 innocent people and now this precious 2 year old child killed by an alligator.

In the past, reading these stories on the news, you clucked your tongue, felt bad for a few hours and moved on with your life. (Not saying that’s good or bad, it’s just a fact) I don’t know about you but when I’m on social media, everything is magnified. You live it more intensely than ever. Your newsfeed is full of the same story, dissected by everyone. Some decry the situation, some are pushing their political agenda, some are judging and some others are screaming about the haters and judgers. That usually goes on until the next story breaks.

Social media is a double edged sword. On one side, change has been known to happen with enough protests by the people. Crazy amounts of money have been raised in a very short time thanks to social media (over 3 Million Dollars raised for the victims of the Orlando shooting in just 3 days!) but on the other side it has swept people up in fights, it has given the haters a platform in which to spew their hatred, some are truly not embarrassed to say things they would NEVER say in public.

For me though, it’s the overwhelm. One story can be read about 1500 times a day in my newsfeed until I get so sick over it that I just want to escape from the digital world. Everyone just finds a different angle to write about but still, it has been too much. I long for the old times where we read the news in the newspaper, discussed it with family members and then moved on.

Is it only a few short years ago where I went onto Facebook to have a newsfeed full of cute family pics, recipes and funny video’s? These days FB is depressing. Every story is being rehashed, judged, ranted about for days on end. There is nowhere to turn for light hearted reading. It’s not really the people’s fault, we just live in a very sad and scary world.

The bad news doesn’t come only online. For example, a man in our community who is the epitome of charity is critically ill. I grapple with such questions as to why G-d does this to the truly good people, the people our community needs. Social media is where i used to go to forget about the bad things in life. This has changed though, it’s not a fun place to be anymore these days.

I’m asking you: where do you turn to for a bit of a distraction? Where do you go for fun, light reading? Do you also agree Facebook has become depressing and dark? I would love to hear your thoughts.










6 thoughts on “Why I don’t like social media right now”

  1. I think the American news media is having a field day right now with Orlando and the anti-gun and pro-gun camps are just going at it right and left. I’m stcking to local news for now until the world calms down a bit.

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  2. I’ve done more than cluck my tongue and move on. My dreams are filled with terror. 60 million migrants sitting on the ground waiting: no one helps. Women ravaged as sex slaves and stoned to death, still nothing. Shootings rampant yet they still sell automatic weapons to anyone, even those investigated for ties to ISIS. I won’t even mention my beloved Israel which its enemies want destroyed. Very sad these last days and I’m usually a person who loves life.

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  3. I agree that Facebook used to be a place where friends posted photos, recipes, cute comments, family happenings and now it has become a spot for political rants. I log on to my account once a day for about 10 minutes, political or offensive posts that I do not wish to see again on my page can be hidden by clicking on the arrow in the upper right hand corner. When clicking on “hide post” it will give a drop-down menu of reasons. Perhaps if more of us did this, FB will realize that we don’t want to see negativity.


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