For those of you who have read my last post, I had mentioned something about a man in our community being very ill. Sadly he passed away Friday night 😦

I would like to write some words about him, to try and describe who and what he was even though it will be quite impossible.

This is a big loss for our community, very tragic. His name was synonymous with charity. He had created an organization which had volunteer drivers take people to and from hospitals out of town. How many times had I taken advantage of this organization when I had to get to a hospital for my IF treatments. When my mother was in hospital, the biggest stress was finding rides and he just made that period so much easier to bear.

And the way he helped people with infertility struggles. He was the go-to person for all Jewish couples coming to our town from abroad for treatments. He got them in to see the Dr, put them up in his house for weeks on end and so much more. How many times has he helped me with getting me appointments, getting me a medicine I was missing and was just there for support and advice. When my brother needed to have a complicated procedure, he was the one who went with him to hospital, like a father. Many more acts of charity and kindness were done by him, almost all of them quietly and without fanfare.

He is leaving a big void, felt by every person who has known him. We don’t know why G-d took him, He has his reasons which we don’t know. But we can learn from him. Learn how to help people quietly and unassuming, to try and see a need and fill it. We can never be Mr C. but we can try to emulate him to the best of our abilities.

Condolences to his family and friends, he will be so missed.