Katya asked me to come back after 4 weeks. It’s now two weeks after that appointment so I have been busy with the treatment for 6 weeks now. She had told me that patience was needed as this would not be a quick fix. I’d like to be honest here so I won’t pretend I have been perfect. She had told me to eat gluten free. The first three weeks went very well but then, I fell back into my old pattern and cheated a bit here and there. Nothing too terrible but I’m not happy with myself.

Katya also gave me two medications for helping my intestine issues which I have stopped taking because they are just so disgusting. (trying to get myself to take them again)

When I got to my appointment, she went on to check my energy levels. She was happy to see that my mental energy has  gone up from 23% to 44%. I find it interesting because I haven’t felt a difference. I still feel like I have a blocked brain. She had warned me though that I shouldn’t expect miracles so I’m still being patient.

I’m taking the drops religiously, though. She upped the dosage. After two weeks of taking the higher dose, I started feeling quite blue. I got insulted by a family member who has a habit of being tactless and stupid. This spiraled me into a very down mood. I was having sad thoughts and I didn’t recognize myself. I’m usually a very positive person and if I’m in a bad mood, it’s never for too long. I just don’t have the energy for staying in a bad mood :D. It took me a few days to realize that my blues might be a reaction to the drops. The whole idea of this treatment is to release the traumas. Since this person who insulted me was the one who abused me my thoughts went into that direction. I was remembering and feeling intense feelings of hatred for that person. It started on Saturday. By now, my feelings have calmed somewhat. I have a therapy appointment this afternoon and I will explore all that with her.

Although I didn’t like the way I felt, I’m relieved the drops are starting to work and hopefully I will feel a positive difference soon.

In two weeks I have the next appointment and I will keep you all updated.

Link: https://myfoodstruggle.wordpress.com/2016/11/02/progress-of-pse-treatment/