Hi guys!

I haven’t posted in a really long time. Is anyone still reading? Does anyone see this? If yes, shout HI 🙂

It’s so weird to me that I haven’t visited this blog in ages but people still visit it and read. I’m grateful! I have been using my time to try and publish more essays on other sites. Also, I found that people do not have the time to read blogs these days.. I want to try to make this writing thing a part time job.

Also, my social media keeps me busy as well so if you’re on social media, come follow me.

As I said before, I’d like to blog on medium as well so if you’d like to read content of other great writers, it’s worth it to create an account. You can find me there as well.

I have been thinking of deleting this blog as I don’t really have time to update is but since I see people still visiting, I’ll probably leave it up.

I hope you’re all doing well and if you’re one of those still reading what I post once in a blue moon, THANKS!

Rebecca x