It’s that time of the year again. Summer is here and with it comes the heat, sun, and pools. Every year, my heart sinks to hear of yet another tragic case of a child drowning. This year, it’s a great-grandchild of a family here in town. The child was supervised and it still happened. I guess with the phones in our hands, even a small distraction like reading and responding to a text can be fatal. We all expect to hear a massive splash when a child falls in the water but apparently, it’s not so and they can fall in really quietly. And if a person is busy with something else, it is very easy to miss. Drowning is called the silent killer as the child can’t scream for help and most of the struggle will be underwater.

I really wouldn’t advise anyone with children who cannot swim to even go near a pool. A few years ago, a small child managed to get into a locked pool just by finding a tiny opening under the fence. Nobody could have predicted that. The pool was thought to be foolproof. This just goes to show that kids are never safe around pools. You need ten eyes and ears and literally cannot take your eyes off them even for a second.

This is a plea to all parents! Please, if you must take small children to a pool, switch off your phones. Keep your eyes on them literally all.the.time. Have all towels and stuff you need right next to you because the time it can take for you to go and get a towel, a child can drown.

The image of that three-year-old girl, surrounded by wires and tubes haunts me every day. We pray that she wakes up any day without any lasting damage.

I wish you all a happy, healthy, wonderful and SAFE summer!