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My prayer for the 8th night of Hannukah

It’s the 8th night of Hannukah. It’s written in our holy books that on the last night, you can ask G-d for anything you need. It’s an auspicious time for prayer and prayer requests. I am sitting by the menorah, together with my husband and children.

The candles are flickering slightly and as my husband sings the Psalms I gaze deeply into the holy flames, letting my mind wander. I have lots to pray for. I think of my dear son, who has such difficulty controlling his impulses, some of them downright harmful. One of his impulses got him kicked out of yeshivah. I’m praying for him to understand the gravity of his impulse and what his future could be if he doesn’t learn how to control it. I’m asking G-d to please help the psychiatrist find good meds to help him overcome his obsessions/compulsions and not to have to go through the same dance we had while trying to find the right meds for his ADD. (which we still haven’t).

Tears are starting to flow as I beseech G-d to find him the right Yeshivah which will accept him as he is and will be willing to help him as he confronts and works through his issues. My heart cannot accept that I will have to send him away from home that young but I can only hope that G-d made all this happen so that he could end up in the Yeshivah that will be best for him. I pray that G-d gives me the strength to have faith that this is all for the best and that we can see it sooner rather than later.

I hear my husband’s voice starting to shake. My heart goes out to him, too. This is very hard on him, much harder than it’s for me. A father has high hopes for his son. All he wants is to see him successful and happy. His heart breaks seeing his son at home all day. I can hear the prayer in his voice, no doubt praying the same as me.

The Chanukah candles are special, the whole holiday of Chanukah is special. We celebrate the miracle that’s happened many years ago. We can only hope that our prayers by the candles will go straight to heaven and that we may merit our own personal salvation as well.

Happy last day of Chanukah!


Happy New Year-Shana Tova!

Tonight is the Jewish New Year. Wishing all of us a Happy New Year, a year filled with love, light, health, happiness, riches and Nachas (If you follow this page, you should know what it means 😉
This year was tough on many levels. Personally, we had my little nephew diagnosed and suffer so much, I’m praying for health for him. Globally, we have had much bad news too. They year ahead is scary…The world is changing and not for the better 😦
But we have to stay optimistic. We have to keep believing that things will be good. We will continue to celebrate the good in our lives. This past year was not all bad. We celebrated the Bar Mitzvah of our one and only son, it was a beautiful affair we will long remember. There were good times too, family wise, community wise and global wise..
So here is to a Happy, healthy New year! Thanks for sticking with me and hopefully you’ll all stick around for a long time 🙂
Shana Tova!

Thursday tidbits

Every Thursday I share an interesting tidbit that you might not have known about Ultra Orthodox Judaism on my FB page. Since not everyone follows me on there, I thought I’ll start sharing them here too! Remember that there are many kinds of Jews and I belong to the strictest sect (Hasidic) so my experience is not everybody else’s experience. 🙂

Foodwise: We eat only Kosher which is not easy sometimes: It’s MUCH more expensive, I cannot travel everywhere I want, either I am taking all my food along or I need a place where Kosher food is available. Most non Jews don’t understand why we need big freezers when we go on vacation 😛 (we bring lots of pre-cooked food)
There are levels of Kosher and we are the strictest. We don’t eat all Kosher certifications., just the ones we trust.
We also don’t mix milk and meat. If we eat meat, we wait a certain amount of hours to eat milky. (We wait 6 hours, some wait less). For the opposite, we wait 30 min. Our kitchens have 2 sinks and 2 counters, one for milky and one for meat. Everything is separated; cutlery, tablecloths and all.

For more #ThursdayTidbits check my FB page: Orthodox Sunflower

My thoughts on Paris Day 14 #NaBloPoMo

I don’t think I can post about random things after hearing about the attacks in Paris. We heard snippets and conflicting reports on Sabbath but since we cannot check the news it’s only tonight that I read and heard about the magnitude of it all.

I went on Facebook. I had friends unfriending their friends because of the things they posted against refugees, against Muslims and people spouting their opinions left and right. I do not participate. I have so much to say but what good will it do? No one listens anyway. Everyone’s opinion depends on where they come from. I’m horrified by the attacks and the losses of life. Any loss of life is tragic (besides the terrorists of course). Continue reading My thoughts on Paris Day 14 #NaBloPoMo

The anti religious

I have just skimmed through a couple of published posts on Orthodox Jews from around the web and without fail, you will find those who used to be ultra orthodox and had left the fold leaving all kind of very negative comments about us. This makes me so sad and a bit angry too. It was actually a very positive article and they always come out of the woodwork to spoil the bit of good press we get. I understand they have left for a reason and I can understand that they are bitter but what purpose does it have to vilify their own people. Every religion has it’s flaws and Orthodox Judaism is no exception. But who is to say the secular lifestyle they lead now is any better? It’s not perfect either.

My point of this post is that I’m truly hesitant to share my writings outside of this blog. I am scared of their biting anti comments. Why should I work so hard at trying to make people see that our religion isn’t all bad if those few will spoil it anyway? Here I know that whoever follows me is interested in my writings but if it will get published elsewhere, I will have no control over the comments. One of my posts was published on a website and I must say the comments were overwhelmingly positive. Interesting that I get more positive feedback from non Jews than of my own people. I firstly want to sincerely thank those who follow this blog and for being truly nice and positive.

As I always say and try to do: “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all” ❤