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I Didn’t Cry When They Told Me My Son Would Die

Death. I didn’t have much experience with it growing up. My grandfather died when I was 18. Up to that point, death had been something that happened to other people. It shocked us when he died, suddenly and peacefully in his sleep. He was a lovely person, and I miss him to this day.

Life goes on as they say, and it did.

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Day 2 #NaBloPoMo

Wow, this will not be easy! I really have no idea with what I’ll fill these pages every day. I guess it will probably be musings, not really comprehensive posts about my religion because that would need some research. So bear with me while I express some observations about life and posts about just anything.

Today I’m not feeling too good. My throat is swollen and even hurts on the outside. I have pushed writing this until now when it’s already late evening. My head is not very clear so it will be a short one just to say that I hope you’ll stick with me.

I hope I will be feeling better tomorrow.

Cheers and you all have a great day/evening/night!