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Virtual gastric bypass

I know It’s been a long while since I updated of my food progress. Those who followed my PSE treatment this is the latest. I finished the drops she gave me but have since not gone back. I do not see any improvement in my brain function and am gutted about that. I have steadily been gaining weight since last year and since my eating habits haven’t changed I have no idea why I keep gaining or being bloated. I was diagnosed with IBS but haven’t followed a plan for it. (all to do with that brain fog keeping me from sticking to something 😦

For the first time in a long while, I am starting to suffer the consequences from my obesity. I sweating a lot more and it’s very uncomfortable. I also sleep much worse at night and I can feel it comes from the weight. I don’t feel good in my skin and my dresses are getting tight.

Knowing myself, a diet isn’t the answer for me. I crave all the forbidden food and cannot withstand temptation. I always gain a lot more once I get off the diets (which is usually after 6 hours max). I was looking into the operation because I’m so desperate. Don’t forget, my thyroid issues and PCOS do not make matters any easier.

In the process of looking into the surgery someone mentioned  virtual gastric bypass which is hypnosis and makes your subconscious believe you had the band. I am a believer in hypnosis but have never kept at it. I did some research and going to someone here would cost me 500€. I am not willing to spend that amount unless i’m sure it works. So after researching I found an alternative. A much cheaper app that does this program. You listen to a recording twice a day and follow 4 guidelines which are the main guidelines of IE (intuitive eating) which I LOVE (since it’s NOT a diet). The app has rave reviews and for that price (6€) i’m willing to try it.

This will be my last attempt to try and get back to a healthier weight. I will keep coming back to update you all on my progress! I must believe that I can do this and will succeed!



(Food struggle) What’s wrong with me?

I have always suffered from stomachaches from as long as I can remember. After I eat too much I have stomach cramps. I am way too dependent on meds. I also keep getting sinus infections. After going to regular doctors and finding nothing wrong, I started going to alternative practitioners. There I was diagnosed with Candida and they recommended I only eat spelt and limit sugar. I tried to keep to it but as I have said before, I have a very hard time sticking to anything restrictive so that didn’t work very well. I managed for a while but I couldn’t always control myself so I ate wheat, then felt the sinus coming on. It was a vicious cycle with me not being careful and then living off the medication.

Another symptom I suffer from is a terrible brain fog. I feel like I can’t think, can’t gather my thoughts and basically have ADD-like symptoms. I went to multiple psychiatrists but not one was willing to diagnose me with ADD. I was going for therapy for childhood sexual abuse and cried to my therapist that I feel like my life is out of control, I can’t help my ASD/ADD son if I’m like that. She referred me to yet another psychiatrist who took some tests and was willing to start me on meds. I tried Ritalin but no effect. He wanted to go real slow but I had no patience for slow. I needed to find something to help myself as soon as possible. My life was really impossible. I got overwhelmed by every little thing, even making supper was a huge chore for me. My husband was shouldering 90% of the burden of the household in addition to being the main breadwinner. It was not fair to him but I couldn’t manage without him. I felt helpless in my own life. Continue reading (Food struggle) What’s wrong with me?

My food struggle-intro

Hi everybody,

Let me start this off by telling you about myself, my history and what’s next. I hope you’ll relate to at least some of it. Growing up, I was actually thin. No problem whatsoever with my weight. At age 16 I went to study in the UK for 2 years. That’s when the weight slowly started to creep up on me. I wasn’t fat but I was chubby (size 42). I don’t know why but my mother kept on criticizing me for my weight. Even before that, I remember my father jokingly calling me the garbage can of the family as I always used to finish everyone’s leftovers. I got married at 69 kg (which is my dream goal these days). I thought I’d become pregnant right away but that didn’t happen. I did not want to go to a fertility specialist before 2 years had passed but I went for a blood test just to check. It was discovered that I suffered from hypothyroidism. That explained the weight gain that had started after I got married. Continue reading My food struggle-intro