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What did you always want to read about

My writing has been stuck for a while. I have enough ideas, that’s not the problem. But I struggle to find an angle with every subject. I want to tell my stories but I think stories alone are not interesting. I have to learn to find something people can relate to.  Something that makes people say: “Me too!”. That’s the hardest part of writing. To find the lesson, the universal truth or at least something bigger than “I”.

I hear writing a lot improves writing. I really should be posting more on my blog. But I’m stuck here as well. I don’t know what to write about on here. Any suggestions as to what you’d like to read more of? I think I covered most of our holidays by now. I can’t be too personal as this blog is public and as much as I’d like to think that I’m anonymous, I’m sure it doesn’t take much to figure me out.

So I’d like to hear from you guys what you’d like to get out of this blog.

Thanks in advance!

Rebecca x


How I’ll try to get my creative juices flowing.

Since I don’t think anything will get written unless I force myself I decided to start by using prompts. The topics will be about anything. I’m doing it to get the creative juices flowing. I have had some ideas of topics fitting my blog (religious things) but it just won’t write right now. Here is to hoping that it will get me back to writing.

Anyone still reading my blog, I thank you! ❤

Chase your dream and get published!

Besides posting on this blog I also submit to various sites. Since this blog is a hobby, this is the way I make some “pocket money” from writing. I had a few sites on my bucket list and I’m proud to say I have been published on most them. Some of them are not paid but it’s great to have on your resumé. My bucket list goals met are Scarymommy.com and Huffingtonpost.ca! It’s the Canada edition but I love it as they already accepted 4 articles and published all of them on their FB pages which gives them more exposure! And a few more places like yourTango.com, Mamapedia.com (my favorite non paid place!), sammiches and psych meds, bigcitymoms.com (a very opiniated community!!) and one article was syndicated to Yahoo! Style! (That was amazing!)

Just wanted to encourage my fellow bloggers to just submit! A year and a few months ago I was just a woman who has never written a word before. I started this blog thinking why anyone would ever read what I write and I published my first ever piece which was very personal. I can see how much better I have gotten since then. I had joined a writers FB group and someone encouraged me to submit. I thought she was crazy! It was after I had written my engagement story and it was only my second post ever. But I posted it in a syndication group and lo and behold, the editor wanted to publish it! It felt like a dream…

Suddenly, things didn’t seem so impossible anymore. I started thinking that I might as well try to go big, to reach for the stars. I started submitting to paying sites and I was actually accepted! Things started taking off. I have had some articles republished a few times on different sites. My next major bucket list publication is to be in a chicken soup for the soul book!! I know I can do it and I can’t wait to let you know when it happens!

If I can do it, so can you! (I’m not a native English speaker!) So what are you waiting for?



Happy Blogversary!

WordPress just wished me a happy anniversary. Apparently it’s now exactly one year ago that I started this blog. So much happened in one year. I remember my first post I ever wrote. It was a personal one. I posted it in several Facebook groups asking for critique. It was the best thing I ever did. It put me in touch with a great editor who wanted to give me feedback in private because it was such a sensitive subject. The advice she gave me was so helpful and she has helped me so much since. I hope she knows how much I appreciate her. I did not feel confident at all in my writing (still not so much) and I was shocked when a piece I wrote was published on a site. It was unpaid but I got so much traffic from it, for a newbie like me it was amazing! I got the courage to submit to other sites, I mean, what was the worst that could happen? They would reject me. In the end, I even had some pieces published on paid sites. I started to believe a bit more in myself. Even on my blog, I was so surprised when people follow me and read my stuff. I appreciate everyone who does.

I have come far in this one year. I’d like to think my writing has improved somewhat. I don’t say it openly in my blog because I’m anonymous but I’m actually from a non English speaking country so English is not my mother tongue. It might not be obvious from the first minute but if my writing needs improvement it’s mostly because of the language barrier. I don’t have a depth in my vocabulary and write simply.

I am proud of what I have accomplished and am looking forward to see what this year will bring. I do have some things on my bucket list and hope to achieve them this year. I thank you again for following me and reading what I have to say.

Here is to many more blogging years!

Day 4 nablopomo 

its once again after 1 am and I haven’t written again. 😦

I’m trying to figure out why I procrastinate so much. I admit it was a busy day but that’s just an excuse. I think my perfectionism is getting in the way. The reason I blog so little is because I think every blog post needs to be perfect. I’m like that in real life too. Some things I won’t do because I know it won’t be done perfectly. So maybe this challenge will be good also for this. To just write, without thinking too much into it. Not to be so hard on myself. Let’s hope it won’t take too long to come up with a normal blog post instead of the excuses I come up with all the time 🙂

Have a good night.



Dear fellow bloggers

I started writing my blog at the insistence of a FB friend. He claimed I had a unique story to tell as an Orthodox chasidic Jewish woman. And he was right, it is an interesting topic. But it cannot fill a blog. So I was writing about other things too. Then one of my posts was published on a website. It was so cool, I couldn’t believe that I, a new writer got published. After that, I started researching sites that I could submit to and it became a bit of an obsession. Instead of just writing a blog post that was good enough for a blog, I focused on each piece as if I would submit it for publication so it became hard work, it had to be perfect and I had to beg multiple people to help me edit and of course not many people volunteered since it’s time consuming and everyone is busy trying to get their own work edited and published (though some always came through and for that, I’m eternally grateful). I found it very hard to edit a piece, editing is known to be a writer’s toughest challenge so why did I think that I, a newbie would be good at it? I started getting discouraged and I even contemplated stopping to write altogether. I know my technical writing is good but I see I have a lot to learn before I can submit my writing to sites.

You might have seen I take my time between posts and that’s because I needed it to be perfect. I realize now that the desire to get published actually hindered my writing. It stopped me from writing posts that were not perfect but would have been good practice. But from now on, that will change. A wise woman and awesome writer told me that the only thing that improves writing is to practice! So I will write using some of the WP prompts and hopefully improve my writing that way. Publishing will be put aside for now. It will be a goal for the future. I will now use this blog for writing for ME and not worry so much that it won’t be good enough. And I hope you will stay to support me and to cheer me on 🙂

How about you? What is your blogging goal? Do you want to get published? Do you want to make a living blogging? Or do you write just for you? I would love to hear about your goals!